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Phoenix Enterprises IC Sockets Offerings:
DIP Machined IC Sockets, DIP Stamped Dual Wipe IC Sockets, Shrink DIP IC Sockets, Wire Wrap DIP Sockets, PLCC Through-Hole Sockets, PLCC Surface Mount Sockets, PGA (pin grid array) IC Sockets, ZIP (zig-zag) IC Sockets, ZIF (zero insertion force) IC Sockets, Small Transistor Outline Sockets, SIP (single inline package) Sockets, SIP Wire Wrap Sockets, Machined Female Header Sockets-Receptacles, SIMM Sockets, DIMM Sockets, Crystal Oscillator Sockets, SOJ IC Sockets, Carrier Sockets, Single Pin Sockets-Terminals. We offer Machined Socket Strips in single row (SIP) and dual row configurations, large variety of pin-counts and heights, including ultra low profile pins for the space-saving PCB stacking applications. Our additional connectivity products: Connectors, Wire, Cable, Hand Tools.