We are located in
Southern California.

TEL: (818) 992-8288
FAX: (818) 992-0454

Phoenix Enterprises - Stocking Distributor of Electronic Interconnection Components - New Additions to our inventory

NSH-80DB-S1-T NSH80DBS1T ROB NUG TML-113-02-S-D-SM TML11302SDSM SAMTEC EH06001-G-V EH06001GV FOXCONN 510-20-CC-L 51020CCL GARRY 2213R-20GF1 2213R20GF1 NICO 2211S-11GF1 2211S11GF1 NICO 103310-2 1033102 AMP 2540-5002UG 25405002UG 3M SSW-103-01-F-D SSW10301FD SAMTEC MTLW-108-06-T-S-155 MTLW10806TS155 SAMTEC ICE-286-S-TG ICE286STG ROB NUG 347996-4 3479964 AMP ICT-163-S-TG30 ICT163STG30 ROB NUG 2526-5002UB 25265002UB 3M SSQ-130-03-G-D SSQ13003GD SAMTEC 2211S-07GF1 2211S07GF1 NICO 2211S-08GF1 2211S08GF1 NICO 55244-5021 552445021 MOLEX 145165-4 1451654 AMP 2213S-06GF1 2213S06GF1 NICO EH09201-R3-W EH09201R3W FOXCONN 347996-6 3479966 AMP 103308-6 1033086 AMP 2316S-20GF1 2316S20GF1 NICO 2212S-06SGF1 2212S06SGF1 NICO 5506-25PM-N 550625PMN NICO 2211R-15G-LP 2211R15GLP NICO 2210R-40GF1 2210R40GF1 NICO QSE-060-01-L-D QSE06001LD SAMTEC ESS-108-G/03 ESS108G03 SAMTEC CA-D60VSC-12B CAD60VSC12B CA 521053-1 5210531 AMP 1972515-4525 19725154525 SPECIALTY ELECTR 15-24-1153 15241153 MOLEX 2213S-20GF1 2213S20GF1 NICO 2208R-40G 2208R40G NICO 788491-1 7884911 AMP SSQ-102-01-G-D SSQ10201GD SAMTEC 120-1-0410-1003 120104101003 ECAM SSQ-102-02-G-D-RA SSQ10202GDRA SAMTEC 51624-XX001LF 51624XX001LF FCI 347996-8 3479968 AMP 51667-XX001LF 51667XX001LF FCI 4-330495-2 43304952 AMP 609-H15FSC-0 609H15FSC0 T&B 2-330495-1 23304951 AMP 2-330495-4 23304954 AMP 2225-20-S-02 222520S02 SINGATRON 10-648-WW3-TG 10648WW3TG EPI 2316R-20GF1 2316R20GF1 NICO TMS-112-01-S-S TMS11201SS SAMTEC TMS-101-01-S-S TMS10101SS SAMTEC 50-57-9006 50579006 MOLEX 2210S-03GF1 2210S03GF1 NICO 1790131 1790131 PHOENIX CONTACT SSW-105-01-G-S SSW10501GS SAMTEC 2213S-12GF1 2213S12GF1 NICO 2213S-40GF1 2213S40GF1 NICO 2211S-09GF1 2211S09GF1 NICO SSW-118-01-S-S SSW11801SS SAMTEC SSW-102-01-S-S SSW10201SS SAMTEC 2211R-12G-LP 2211R12GLP NICO 2211R-11G-LP 2211R11GLP NICO 2214S-08SGF1 2214S08SGF1 NICO 2316S-34GF1 2316S34GF1 NICO 4403-14F1 440314F1 NICO 205204-4 2052044 205209-1 2052091 2213S-50GF1 2213S50GF1 NICO 2213S-08GF1 2213S08GF1 NICO 2211S-03GF1 2211S03GF1 NICO 350689-3 3506893 AMP 3549-1000 35491000 3M 350550-6 3505506 AMP 2213R-18G 2213R18G NICO EB101/03DS-LF EB10103DSLF EBI TSM-105-01-S-DV TSM10501SDV SAMTEC TSM-103-01-L-DV TSM10301LDV SAMTEC TSM-107-01-L-DV TSM10701LDV SAMTEC TSM-104-01-S-DV TSM10401SDV SAMTEC 2216S-20G-01F1 2216S20G01F1 NICO SIP-32-A-G SIP32AG EPI 4401-14SRF1 440114SRF1 NICO 801-93-050-10-001 8019305010001 MILLMAX 2208S-26G 2208S26G NICO 803-91-100-10-001 8039110010001 MILLMAX 4401-64SRF1 440164SRF1 NICO FD-8P FD8P TWN SIP-32-FRK-G SIP32FRKG EPI SIP-32-SC-T SIP32SCT EPI 2216S-40G-02F1 2216S40G02F1 NICO 6801-50S-TGF1 680150STGF1 NICO 2216R-40G-02F1 2216R40G02F1 NICO 2316SM-14GF1 2316SM14GF1 NICO 347996-7 3479967 AMP 6801-40S-TGF1 680140STGF1 NICO 2316SM-40GF1 2316SM40GF1 NICO 6803-100S-TGF1 6803100STGF1 NICO TEL141CR TEL141CR TWN 300-035 300035 ECLIPSE 2217RR-06TF1 2217RR06TF1 NICO 2218T-BULK 2218TBULK NICO DS25P-105 DS25P105 TWN DS09P-101 DS09P101 TWN 2218H-05-F4 2218H05F4 NICO DS25S-106 DS25S106 TWN DS09S-102 DS09S102 TWN 2218H-06-F4 2218H06F4 NICO DSHD15S-185 DSHD15S185 TWN DSHD15P-184 DSHD15P184 TWN 4403-10F1 440310F1 NICO 2316R-14GF1 2316R14GF1 NICO 4401-16SRF1 440116SRF1 NICO 2214S-64SGF1 2214S64SGF1 NICO 2218T-LF 2218TLF NICO 2213S-26GF1 2213S26GF1 NICO 300-011 300011 ECLIPSE 100-002 100002 ECLIPSE 200-070 200070 ECLIPSE 200-092 200092 ECLIPSE 300-018 300018 ECLIPSE 300-055 300055 ECLIPSE 300-078 300078 ECLIPSE 500-037 500037 ECLIPSE

Phoenix Enterprises Independent Stocking Distributor specializing in Connectors & Sockets
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