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Phoenix Enterprises Connector Offerings: Centronics Connectors, DIN 41612 (Eurocard) Connectors, Circular DIN Plugs & Jacks, Mini DIN Jacks, DIP Component Carriers & Plugs, D-subminiature Connectors, Edge Card Connectors, Breakaway (snappable) Pin Headers, Shrouded Headers, Low Profile Box Headers, Friction Lock Headers, Machined Headers, Female Header Sockets, Jumper-Shunts, BNC Connectors, F type Connectors, RCA Jacks & Plugs, Modular Jacks & Plugs, Telephone Plugs & Jacks, DC Power Plugs & Jacks, Audio Phone Plugs & Jacks, Terminal Blocks & Strips, Battery Snaps, Solderless Terminals & Tabs. We offer Pin Header Strips in many configurations: large variety of pin-counts and heights, including Elevated Long Pin Headers and Dual Insulator Board Stacking Headers. We offer: Board Mount (PCB) interconnects, Wire-to-Wire crimp wire harness connectors, Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) for flat ribbon cable termination. Our additional connectivity products: IC Sockets, Wire, Cable, Hand Tools.